We are a three-member collective of creative types with a knack for dreaming up good ideas and colouring outside the lines.


We're big on teamwork and favour small, intimate properties devised with a limited-edition mindset and a healthy disdain for the status quo.


We're fans of big ideas and unique concepts. We believe architecture and design make one fetching power couple, and strive to create living spaces with the same cachet as limited-edition dwellings.


We are based in Toronto and operate pretty much anywhere and everywhere interesting opportunities may take us. Come say hi.




Anna's energy and creativity are evident in everything she touches. Equal parts driven professional and inspired artist, she is at her best when challenging the dire effects of complacency and mediocrity. "I do not see myself as strictly an interior designer. I’m someone who appreciates all creative disciplines and how they influence one another. To be truly remarkable is to have the ability to extract elements from all creative disciplines and develop one seamless language." Her one all-consuming passion: Elvis




Architect by training and innovative by nature, Brad is a smart guy with a yen for crafting smart buildings. The consummate team player, Brad understands the value of teamwork. "Collaboration is the only way to get anything done well," he says "We have the opportunity to cross boundaries here that, under the old way of doing things, could never be crossed." Idea of paradise: catching Zen on his motorbike.




Design is fundamental to Elaine's life—and yours too, come to think of it. A classic creative thinker, she's a visionary with a practical streak whose zeal for art, music and lived-in culture is filtered into her work. Her philosophy: "Good design is not just beautiful things, but functional things." Preoccupation of choice: her pair of big (read: large) dogs